Pricelessbrewing checking in

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Pricelessbrewing checking in

Postby pricelessbrewing » Fri Aug 21, 2015 8:06 am

Hey guys, so my name's mark (aka pricelessbrewing).

Been active a bit on the facebook group for a couple days since I got approved but haven't been on my pc to type up a new topic. Anyways, I'll be moving to chicago on Sept 10th, living near UoC campus.

I do BIAB, full volume no sparge (unless I have to) batches. Unfortunately we're sub leasing a third floor apartment with a 24" electric stove, so I'm going to be rather limited in brewing volume. I'm reassuring myself that just means I'll get to brew more often and have more variety available. If you're active on hbt in the biab forum, or on r/homebrewing, you've probably seen my username around. My blogs at unfortunately it's still rather empty, and don't get much activity on it besides my mash calculator at

Looking forward to meeting with you guys, and getting to know how another homebrew club works. I'm contemplating joining CHAOS as well.
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