8th Annual Beerfly Alleyfight

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8th Annual Beerfly Alleyfight

Postby bmason1623 » Thu Mar 20, 2014 2:51 pm

I received the following message from Steve Mosqueda at drinkingandwriting.com. Contact him directly at meepsmos@gmail.com if you're interested.

Hey Bill,

Thanks for getting back to me. I don't really do the FB thing so if you don't mind I'll describe what the deal is with this email.

The event is called the Beerfly Alleyfight, Eat! Drink! Watch! and it's a beer/food/art pairing competition. We've been doing it for about 8 years and it's become a pretty popular event during Chicago Craft Beer Week. So here's how it works... We ask 10 homebrewers to brew a beer, any style they want. They also create some kind of food dish they feel pairs with their beer. There are no limits to what style of beer you want to brew or the food you want to make. About a month before the event we will assign you an artist who will contact you. This artist may be an actor, a musician, a dancer, just depends who you're assigned. They will set up a meeting with you and you two will talk. The point of the meeting is for the artist to get to know you, what you're brewing and what your food dish is and become inspired to create a short performance piece to be performed on the day of the event. This piece is created and performed by them. You are only responsible for the beer and the food, the artist is responsible for the art. If the artist wants to include you somehow in the performance they will let you know. But it is there's to do with as they please. So on the day of the event, everyone who attends gets to taste the beer, taste the food and then watch the performances. Everyone will then vote for best beer, best food, best art and best overall pairing and awards are given out. The event this year is on Saturday May 17th from noon to 5pm at Haymarket Pub and Brewery.

Just a few important details to consider. Because this event has become so popular we are selling more tickets to the event, probably around 200 people will attend. This means you will have to have somewhere in the neighborhood of 150 to 200 samples of beer and food. A very important point is that you are not feeding people nor are you responsible for getting people drunk. All we ask is that you give attendees a taste of your pairing. Not a full sandwich or a bowl of chili or a full glass of beer. It's just a sample, that's it. Less is more. Having said that, 150 to 200 samples is still a lot of samples so depending on what you bring it could get expensive. Unfortunately we can't help financially with any of this so it is kind of a big commitment if you choose to participate. We will provide chafing dishes, utensils, plates, and cups but the rest is up to you. Any equipment you need to serve your beer, any tools you may need, CO2, spoons, spatulas, must be provided by each homebrewer. You can either enter as an individual or as a club as long as you have a point person who will be responsible for answering emails and organizing everything for your team.

So that's basically how it works. I have a few slots left so if you're interested let me know soon cause they're filling up.

Thanks for getting back to me, hope to hear from you soon.

Steve Mosqueda

Below is a link to the event if anyone is interested.

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