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Good Beer. Doing Good. : Hops for Humanity

Postby sail681 » Tue Dec 02, 2014 5:45 pm

Yes, I like a good beer. It's even better when someone from the brewery gives you a the story about that beer. That's the story of Good Beer, but Doing Good is about impacting local organizations....

Hops for Humanity is looking for Charter members starting in January. Hops for Humanity is a registered not-for-profit that brings Good Beer & Doing Good together. We are getting together four times a year at bars & breweries where we will share craft beers and give back to the community. Our first event is January 12th at the Snuggery in Elmhurst with beer and a overview of the beer from Tighthead Brewing Company. We will have and Irie IPA 7.8% and a Reformator Doppelbock 8.0%. A third beer is an as yet unnamed one-off beer that the brewer will personally choose for us.

Everyone attending donates a tax deductible $100, enjoys some good beer that is presented by the sponsoring brewery. The proceeds get put to good use by a local charity. The way it works is that Hops for Humanity members can nominate a charity to receive the entire amount collected at the event. Of all those nominating a qualifying local charity, three people are randomly chosen to speak about that organization. Hops for Humanity members vote for the charity of their choice after the presentation, with monies being given straight to the winning charity. At future meetings, the winning charity will talk about how funds were used (or are planning to be used). So if 100 people show up for the Hops for Humanity event, we are collectively turning $10,000 over to an local organization! To a smaller charity, that can be very impactful. This is not about benefitting organized national charities, it is focused on Chicago area, local groups.

Check out to register, find us on Facebook or Twitter or email me to catch up about HfH. Now lets go drink a good beer!
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